Valeska Réon: "I never wanted to lead a balanced life!"
Born in Liège (Belgium), she lived with her aunt in Dusseldorf and New York – it showed early that her life should run turbulent.
What is reflected in her professional training, too. In the 'city that never sleeps' she trained as a make-up artist at the 'Empire School for Makeup Artists'. In between, she worked as a model, "a glamorous, but in the long run also undemanding and superficial industry, especially if you want to be creative," as she knows today. That's why I had a further education in face-prosthetics” (epithetics, editor’s note).

Laughingly she reports further: "And because I had spare time, I wrote a beauty guide ". The book, published at Ullstein, became a surprise hit and went one week after the launch at the Frankfurt Book Fair into a second edition. There was a hardcover edition at Weltbild publishing house and a Slovak translation Ikar-publishers Bratislava. " And because I felt so well in my role as an ‘agony aunt’, I wrote two more books in the interval of one year. Incidentally, all published under a pseudonym”, she giggles, but reveals no further details. “I never wanted to lead a balanced life!", she sets straight, and so it is not surprising, that she did not rest on her laurels, but set herself a new target. As her Belgian compatriot, Agatha Christie's famous detective Hercule Poirot, Valeska Réon is a sucker for finding missing things.