Buch: Der Bibelkiller

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Maastricht 1978: The Bible Killer keeps the city in suspense. In his murders, he recreates the biblical plagues in the paintings of the painter Rui de Lombarde - who, however, has already disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 1962. Inspector Stijn van der Rijns, with the help of art historian Tessa van Eertvelt, tries to solve all the riddles posed by the murderer. As absurd as it may seem, the murderer is desperate to be caught.

Is Rui de Lombarde not dead at all and finally wants his revenge after all these years? Does he choose his victims randomly or is there a system behind it? And above all, what secret is he determined to make public? In a race against time, Stijn does everything he can to stop the insane murderer - and in the process has to delve deeper into his own past than he would like ...


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