Das Buch Haarscharf mit Außenwelle

Short Description

If Rapunzel were a princess of modern times - nowadays also called It Girl or style icon - she would certainly have had a hard time keeping her hair full and shiny. At that time, the tower on which the prince climbed up her long braid stood in the middle of a lush green forest with clean air. Far from this fairy tale, nowadays we struggle with pollution, stress and vitamin deficiencies that eat away at the beauty of our hair.

Here now comes the first guidebook of its kind that addresses hair problems both internally and externally. The therapy is simple but effective. In the first part the hair is built up and strengthened from the inside, in the second part then the whole range is savored, which offers us the modern hair cosmetics industry. And what is possible nowadays is demonstrated with the greatest amusement and desire for transformation, enriched with several anecdotes.

Whether cut, color or the latest styling techniques, here comes everything on the agenda that makes us what we all dream of - the best version of ourselves!


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