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Who is the woman who calls herself Melanie Kimber actually? Is she as harmless as it seems or is she a schizophrenic child killer? After a fall from Tower Bridge she has lost her memory and knows nothing about her past. Only one thing is for sure: the severe head injuries have made a complete different person out of her. Although well settled in her new life in London there is always the fear if her past can catch up with her again. What about her recurring nightmares? From where does she know the stranger in the paper shop? What is Ralf Müller looking for in London? And which role plays the painter Leila Clark in this entangled puzzle? In a flashback we learn what really happened. In the end Melanie is confronted with the question: How far do we make our own live – how far is our live made by others? And how many life plans can destiny provide for us?

A fast trip through the depth of the human brain and the answer to the question, where modern psychology pushes to its allopathic boundaries. Can you create a second personality in a person living in coexistence with each other that is retrievable at any time? And what happens when one wants to take dominion over the other?


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