Das Buch Töte mich

Short Description

At fifteen, Manu Jansson was raped by her classmate Christian Kempfer. Many years later she meets her tormentor again: under the name Arno von Klanthen he is the rising star of the lietrary scene, she his editor. After realizing who he is, she wants to destroy his career through a faked plagiarism scandal. But then everything turns out differently than expected: the corpses of five single female self-publishers are found cruelly mutilated in the woods. When a death list turns up with her own name last on it, she becomes painfully aware: she is to be the next victim. Is Arno von Klanthen really the serial killer called ‘Rhyme Killer‘ by the press, who leaves behind eerie poems as well as a blood-stained white tulip next to his victims each time? And will Manu see through her role in this perfidious game before it is too late?

The investigators of the Bonn CID are running out of time, because the one who could provide them with decisive clues turns out to be a phantom ...


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